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How to Bypass iCloud Activation lock on iPhone and iPad using Windows and Mac

iCloud is Apple’s amazing security system that protects all your data from Apple devices and connects you for an amazing interaction. But if you are an Apple user who easily forgets the login details, the problem comes with iCloud Bypass. iCloud Activation Lock is secured with a respective user ID and password. While this is highly advantageous when comes to iOS security, it also could leave you in trouble if you suddenly lose the access. For many users, iCloud Bypass is major issue as a locked iPhone is nothing more than a brick. So what is the option do you have toward iCloud Bypass activation? Thanks to the development of tools, it is now possible to Bypass iCloud giving your iPhone another chance to rock and roll. Let’s us take the complete learning to iCloud Bypass and everything around to make you aware about the entire episode.

iCloud Bypass

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

Without complete knowledge about iCloud Activation lock, it is no use of getting to iCloud Bypass. In fact, this whole thing about iCloud Bypass Activation is centered to iCloud. But what is iCloud Activation?

iCloud is Apple’s amazing security technology that came into the public with the launch of iOS 7. Providing absolute privacy, Apple here integrates Apple ID credentials with the Apple device making the access restricted from unknowns. So iCloud, online storage system protects all your data from Apple devices securing by particular User ID and Password. So without the right logins, the access is denied.

The blend of software and hardware is amazingly presented here Apple through iCloud. And as with high security and restrictions, it is not easy to Bypass iCloud. In fact, iCloud is one thing where Apple has proven its success in security system. But by today, unlock iCloud is a real problem among iOS users as the chance for getting the logins lost is high. And do not worry as the solution is followed up right away by today thanks to the technology updates.

How to get iCloud Bypass and what possible problems to face?

iCloud Bypass Windows
iCloud Bypass Mac

When you are getting access to your Apple iPhone or iPad, iCloud Activation is automatically set. So think you have lost the device, it would lock the device as access can be only given with the right Apple credentials. That is Apple’s primary security on devices. So the true owner can disable or change it accordingly by heading to the settings.

This security iCloud activation lock brings is extremely worth. But at the same time, it brings a lot of troubles in accessing Apple devices. All these problems with iCloud passcode start if you lose the logins.

Unlock iCloud Passcode is a common problem for many people involved in commercial operations who are dealing with second-hand iDevices. This becomes a problem when the previous owner forgets to remove the account when giving it to the second buyer. So simply, the device remains in a locked state during this condition.

May be you have forgotten the logins or has missed collecting it from the previous owner, the problem leaves you in iCloud lock problems. So this is where people search for getaway with iCloud Bypass.

iCloud Bypass Tools

Checkra1n jailbreak

When we get to hear iCloud Bypass a common issue among iOS users, we came to see a number of iCloud Bypass solutions too. There are plenty of methods to unlock iCloud by now following different techniques of Passcode bypass. But choosing the right one is important considering various factors. Among them, the compatibility for iOS firmware and iPhone model is first and then consider the tool reputation, user reviews on iCloud Activation lock, availability (iCloud bypass Windows or Mac) and moreover the ease of processing.

Among all the iCloud Bypass tools under the most recognized category, bypassing through servers and scripts is mostly used. Under this category Doulci Activator is a famed tool which brings the support through both Windows and iCloud Bypass Mac. Another platform equally in support to that theory is iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool. It does not involve any software installations either and just require the device serial number and the IMEI. But here it requires a small fee to purchase the tool as it is not available for free.

The story of iCloud Bypass Tools does not stop from there. You could get into iCloud Lock Activation through more similar tools. Namely, iCloudin, LockWiper by IMyFone, iCloud Assistant, and Open My iCloud. All these tools are guaranteed for high support. And in compared with each, you would get both pros and cons under each iCloud Bypass Solution.

iCloud Lock Bypass based on DNS is another method under iCloud Lock Activation. This works through the IP Address and a proper Internet connection. DNS Bypass Activation Locker is a working example under this category which is accessible through online. With the ease of use and compatibility, iCloud Bypass DNS is now one of the most trusted solutions to bypass iCloud.

Checkra1n iCloud Bypass

Checkra1n is a powerful iOS hacking tool ever gets to notice in iOS jailbreak community. And this is an incredible achievement in iCloud Bypass development making your device back working. Apple could hardly patch Checkra1n. And that is one reason why the focus is now turned to iCloud Bypass lock with Checkra1n. You can now have Checkra1n iCloud Bypass through a number of tools and that is absolutely working. Sliver is one tool attempt for that that is available in iCloud Bypass Windows and Mac.

How to choose the Best iCloud Bypass Tool?

There are many options if you search for iCloud Bypassing tools. But there are specific things you should concern when picking the best option for you. Most importantly, iCloud Activation Lock must have ease of operation. If the tool you choose is complicated in its run, you may feel like turning to a different option. And everyone wants these tools to work fast. So there, the tools based to servers are high in use in regard to their faster processing. And software-based tools perform under operating systems like iCloud Bypass Windows and Mac.

If you are troubled with iCloud Bypass, you must take one of these working methods to bypass Activation lock. So it is up to the user. Maybe you are struggling between free or paid services, software based or server based or even between anything. But always make sure the tool safety and its ease of use with direct commands.

How to follow iCloud Bypass?

The process of removing iCloud Activation lock is now easy and could be summarized in few easy steps. The methods we have underlined here are safe and among the top leads. So no matter what option you choose, the process it would take is simple and extremely resulting.

If we take a software-based iCloud Bypass solution for an example, you must run the program by connecting the device at the same time having iTunes in the background. And if you take a complete online method, you should connect the device to the online server and run accordingly. This would be even faster at some conditions if you have a stable WiFi connection to proceed with unlocking iCloud. And finally, DNS-based method is the one that turns advantages of vulnerabilities. In fact, here the vulnerabilities are turned to exploits and use them to enter the locked iDevice and get iCloud bypass.

Depending on the requirement, you have various options to iCloud Bypass. So it is up to you to pick the working method with high safety and efficiency.

Step Guide - How to run iCloud Bypass Mac

This is the complete guide to iCloud Bypass with Sliver 4.3. You can have it for free and comes in tethered process. This version is iCloud Bypass Mac through the application Sliver.

iCloud Bypass Windows
iCloud Bypass Mac
  • Download Sliver v4.3 latest version on Mac
  • Check the requirement as the program instructs and double click the file after downloaded to launch
  • Open README with text edit
  • Open up in a terminal Windows and open up the application folder
  • Then drag and drop Sliver app and find it copied in the application folder
  • Then right-click and continue with show package content and expand the content folder to get with resources folder
  • Take the terminal window right next and type to code and drag the resources folder next and continue to enter
  • Type in the computer password and keep things ready
  • Close the windows only keeping the application folder and double tap to open the Sliver app
  • Restart the iPhone and come to the Activation screen
  • Go ahead to the WiFi settings screen and open up Checkra1n and run it accordingly
  • Watch the screen instructions and run in the right order
  • Then you will see connect to iTunes from the iPhone
  • Then from Sliver, go to more options and choose Bypass with the respective iOS firmware version
  • Go to "Relay device info" and hit "Make it Ra1n"
  • This would take around 20 to 30 seconds and then from the iPhone screen continue with "Connect to iTunes"
  • You will get failed screen with two options from where you should continue to "Touch ID screen" and make Touch ID later
  • Then instantly you are inside the iPhone and everything is working

What recommendations should take when choosing iCloud Bypass Tool?

iCloud is one of the major security features Apple uses on the devices. Through iCloud all your Apple devices could connect to the same online storage system with access from any device. But this access can only be gained with the respective credentials. In case if the Passcode bypass fails, you need a different method to try in accessing the device.

There are number of tools in the market supporting through iCloud Bypass. But when choosing the one for you, it is important to consider the safety, efficient levels, the flow it supports, compatibility and etc. So check for the original developments from reputed developing teams.

And then, you must always concern on the solution that fits your needs. If you need iCloud Bypass Windows but the method you have has no such support, then you must get in to confusion. So search for the right tool that fills your needs. Most of the ones are now using server-based solutions as they lead to easier iCloud bypassing. But if you still believe taking a few minutes to install the program on Mac or Windows is worth, you can turn to a software-based solution easily. So it is up to you to pick the best solution to get your device back working.

iCloud Bypass Activation FAQ - General Review

1. Are iCloud Bypass Activation tools safe?

There are many tools to iCloud Bypass Activation by today. But you’d better not try with any proper knowledge. In fact, most of the tools are scammer. So just like the whole note contained, searching for the right tool is always up to you. Make sure you check for the user reviews too.

2. iCloud Activation Lock with jailbreak, is that possible?

For those who are confused, iOS jailbreak and iCloud Bypass are two different things that have no connection to each. But later with the invention of iOS jailbreak tools like Checkm8, the access to iOS file system after jailbreak and there turning to iCloud Bypass has become possible. Checkra1n is an incredible attainment in iCloud Bypass development.

3. How iCloud Bypass work for iPad 2?

Downgrading to iOS 6.1.3 is not possible on all iPad models as the firmware no longer signs. In the untethered method, downgrading to 6.1.3 is involved which is not available now. The bypass we are talking is possible here with stay on 9.3.5 as 6.1.3 downgrading is not an option by now. iOS 9.3.5 jailbreaking is not possible since Cydia impactor finds the device is iCloud bypassed and error occurs. In that way, iPad 2 bypass is tethered for all. Which to mean the device will go back to activation lock screen requiring you to make the bypass through the tool, every time you restart, leave WiFi turned on overnight, power off etc.

4. Why Apple Logo black screen after deleting the set up app with Sliver App?

This is due to a common mistake. You need restoring the device and turn to DFU mode just after when it comes work with ramdisk/ssh setup.app exploit. So keep the eyes on the process and act fast. Once done, you could launch Sliver, enter pwned DFU mode, and then load the ramdisk.

5. Will iCloud be back if I restore the device with iTunes?

iCloud Bypass is different from iCloud unlock if we consider the chapter in deeper concern. So in a bypass, it does not remove iCloud from the Apple servers and only the device does for a fresh start. So if you make a restore the device through iTunes/ OTA to factory settings, it will be locked once again.

6. Is jailbreak iOS 10.3.3/10.3.4 possible after use of Sliver or the method custom ramdisk?

Targeting all the versions higher than iOS 8, Apple has patched sideloading on iCloud bypass. So there, you get no support to install H3lix for iOS 10.3.4. If downgrading to iOS 8 is possible, get it and have H3lix and update back to 10.3.4. This makes jailbreak possible but only for iPhone 5 and iPad 4. Jailbreak development through SSH will be achieved in someday, so wait for it if you are a jailbreak fan.

7. How to Bypass A5 devices?

A5 devices still lack support for ipwndfu exploit. So you still have no support from Sliver. You better try different tools but by checking the safety thoroughly.

8. Are iCloud Bypass iPhone X/ iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 possible?

This cannot be said until another exploit like checkm8 comes in the seen. So if we ever get to hear about a new exploit, we could look forward to a new iCloud Bypass.

9. Will iOS Lock screen Remover Tool remove iCloud activation lock?

Lock screen removal is not the same concept of iCloud Activation lock removal. There it follows technology similar to iTunes where it will download and install the latest iOS firmware. But when it comes to iCloud Bypass, it is different.

Winding Up

iCloud is the heart of the Apple devices. So if you ever face iCloud Activation lock trouble, you are facing a major issue in accessing your device. The solution for this is widely spoken through the complete note. And with more developments up in the future, we will keep updating you about the best iCloud Bypass techniques. Make sure you go with the best iCloud Bypass solution by checking the security, user support, efficiency in performance and the best results.

With iCloud Activation troubles, you are not completely gone with your Apple device. You can now make your device back working with the best iCloud Bypass methods. Be smart and get the smartest option here in iCloud Bypass iOS and give your device another chance to rock and roll. You have the highest support for iOS firmware and device models and comes with guaranteed results with least effort and time.